12 Days of Gratitude


Acts of gratitude come in so many forms.  At this time of the year, we see so many holiday gift guides for someone or for a reason other than for yourself. My friend made me chuckle when she explained that she gifts herself for each of her children’s birthdays and holidays when society says we have to give. I am all for putting yourself first, in order to help others. Why wait for someone to show gratitude towards you when you can start and show them how it’s done! Besides, with all this giving, who has you on their list?  

I know that I’m on a very shortlist.  Knowing this, I show myself gratitude for things and services I like. When I spend my own money or dedicate my precious time, I appreciate the thing or place I’ve gotten or seen. It may sound selfish to put myself before others, but I don’t see it that way. It has taken some time to love the person I see in the mirror. When I look at her and her reflection says, you deserve flowers today, guess what?! You damn right, I’m gonna buy me some flowers! Chris also buys me flowers, that’s a sign of love and gratitude towards me. Both make me smile.



There are so many acts of gratitude that you can do every day of the year to be thankful for the little things received and given to others.  You can write them in a journal to reflect upon at a later time or you can make a family act of it, where suggested acts are placed in a jar and everyone must do what it says on the paper during the period of time.

Here is a simple list of gratitude suggestions:

Day 1 of Gratitude: yourself. Who are you and what makes you, you?

Day 2 of Gratitude: happiness. Who has made you smile in the past day?

Day 3 of Gratitude: depend. Who do you rely on when in need?  Are you thankful for them being there for you?

Day 4 of Gratitude: your surroundings.  Are you in a good neighborhood?  I appreciate that the nearest store has what you need all the time.

Day 5 of Gratitude: accomplishments.  Graduations.  Finished a long assignment.  Got up from the bed.  These are all things to be thankful for.

Day 6 of Gratitude: read.  Remember, there was a time when only the privileged were allowed to read.  What was the last book you read?

Day 7 of Gratitude: smell and see your flowers while you’re here.  If you pass a flower shop, go in and buy a small bunch.  Supermarket flowers are affordable and just as fragrant.

Day 8 of Gratitude: laughter keeps us young.  When did you laugh so hard, you had tears come from your eyes?

Day 9 of Gratitude: food.  Do you cook? If not, have you taken yourself to dinner at a favorite restaurant?

Day 10 of Gratitude: traditions.  Keep your family history alive by continuing rituals you’ve learned from your elders.

Day 11 of Gratitude: dance.  It is a fun exercise that keeps your heart and muscles healthy.

Day 12 of Gratitude: continuance. Identify what or who you have gratitude for.

Are there any other acts of gratitude that benefit the self, you would add to this list?

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Gratitude

  1. I really like this! Through this season, I’ve been reading all these posts from people promoting the right gifts for others. Why should anyone feel guilty about treating themselves well, in this season, and, throughout the year? We shouldn’t. Thanks for the reminder- “I am important enough to set high on the list of people to love!”

  2. I love this challenge! Especially as a mom, I poor all into my kids, events, holidays, family….I forget myself most of the time. Me and my daughter day what we are thankful for at the end of each day but doing this challenge will be good for my soul.

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