My Name Is.

my name is

Hi. My name, Katricia.

The above statement has sat in this post for months now.  No other context but a salutation.  Now imagine me in person with just that, simply stating my name and then awkward silence, awkward being the highlighted word that I would use to describe the silence but loud inner voice of simply katricia.

Katricia is not a tribal name with ancestry roots going back to the beginning of time, I’ve researched, but if I am wrong, please do tell.  I can’t even find a pen in a gift shop with the name on it to take pictures of to show folks I’ve arrived – and I’ve been to a few gift shops and always a Katrina or Patricia. My name was given to me by my mother, who till this day does not even know how she thought of it, maybe someone or something during her timeline influenced the name but she just won’t tell me.

my name is

I’ve come to love the uniqueness of my name.  It’s mine.  I have not encountered another Katricia, simply me. If by chance anyone screams my name…in the streets, I know it’s not by accident and I should be the only one to turn.  Actually, I wouldn’t turn because, no one would actually call me out like that.  I’m a loner.  Awkwardly silent – remember? I’ve lived in the same building for almost ten years and not even the super knows my name – or he does but our communication is far from “hey Katricia, how’s the family“, more of a “your toilet is leaking?”

Back to the point…

My name is, unique.  Not even in school was I the popular girl that everyone called.  How can that be, when my name wasn’t easily pronounced and remembered?  When I thought of a name for this site, I pondered on so many names that had no particular link to what I wanted to discuss.  I settled on my name because, I do love it and no one else has it. Others may write about their kinky textured natural hair and parenting and moving about as a natural woman in New York City, but no one would have my name, my voice or my imagery to accompany their existence in this overly populated blog atmosphere.

Looking forward to just being me, to having an unique voice in this world, similar to my name.  In this social space, I’ll be discussing my kinky textured hair and product reviews, frustrations with elementary common core curriculum, raising an only female child, health in our communities, social influences and current events. Most importantly, anything I effin want without having to live up to expectations of what the name of the blog should represent. simply katricia, is more than just hair and parenting and a woman living in NYC, she’s a full-time professional too, there’s layers to my name.

“Katricia is a full-time working, natural hair, mom who enjoys fun but enjoys solitude a lot more. Introvert is the term some would use to describe not liking to be around a lot of people for long periods of time. I don’t even care to talk over the phone, and in person, it may take a minute for my exact thought to come through correctly. Definition of social awkwardness. However, through words, in this social world, I am able to write whatever I feel, delete and start all over again without in person judgment of word fumbles. ”

Within blogging on simply katricia, I will enjoy typing away, some will be published, others just to get thoughts out of my head and sit in draft for periods of time.  Journaling is important to our self awareness and mental health … I’d like for this space to be a work of stories that relates to you, if not, that’s okay too. Some posts may just be for me to release whatever thought process I have going on in my mental or it may actually be a useful tutorial of how I try to manage my daughter’s hair.

Whether useful or nah, (ebonic vocabulary will be occasionally referenced btw) welcome to simply katricia, what’s your name?

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