I've been nominated again

I’ve Been Nominated, AGAIN!

I've been nominated, again! If you're reading this title and saying, this sounds ungrateful.  I apologize.  I'm extremely grateful for the views I receive and for my blogging peers to recognize me in this community.  However, I don't think of these awards as recognizing my expertise in a certain area or that I encouraged someone

Back to School: Anxiety for Working Moms

Where did the summer go?  For the working mom, the school year comes around so quickly and heightens our anxiety for purchasing new clothes, new supplies, the new set of lessons to learn, and afterschool activities to keep them occupied until pick up time.  When it comes to preparing for the back to school year, it's

How Alcohol Helped My Anxiety with Dental Procedures

Let me start by saying, I have indulged in drinking alcohol on different levels. I've been tipsy, drunk, and "I did what?". Although I'm familiar with alcohol, I am only a social drinker and not dependent on the various flavors of spiked fruits. I have full bottles of liquors in my high cabinet that aren't