growing out natural

New Year, New Hair: Growing out my Natural

It's just hair. When I'm ready for a change, I research pictures to bring to my stylist and then get it chopped off. Rock the style for a few years and then decide to repeat the process. I don't know if I would call myself a lazy natural or just don't want to be bothered

Can I Complete 24 Books in a Reading Challenge?

It's the new year, and while I'm reflecting on the previous calendar year - I didn't meet my goal of completing a 20 book challenge, 20! And here I am trying to increase that number for this year.  I've never been a competitive person, not even with myself.  However, this is a challenge that I

Canceling Subscription Boxes, Channels and Spending

OMFG!!  I just looked at my spending for the past year and I need to cancel everything!!!!  I can't believe that in a year, I managed to spend the equivalent of an all-inclusive 4 night weekend in the Caribbean on tea and bagels.  Cancel the subscription boxes, tv subscriptions, and the culture of having all

Freedom Day – Haitian Pumpkin Soup

Prior to 1999, the year I met Chris - my fiancé the father of my child, I didn't have any knowledge of the Haitian culture. Chris and Symone's heritage goes back to the country of Haiti by way of his father. Unfortunately the language, mannerisms, food and history passed when Chris was younger. Raised primarily