human being

A Revolving Door of Another Hashtag

Here we go again. Another human being. Another mother's child. Another delayed video. Another incident. Another angry response from the family and friends for a person who was taken from this world by another person based on melanin. I find it inhumane how people treat four-legged animals with more concern and love than a human

Conditioners that Retain Moisture for Natural 4c Hair

So in my time since returning natural, it’s been seven years in June, I’ve used different types of moisturizing shampoos for my natural hair. Most products I’ve either received in a monthly subscription box or in a swag bag from one of the many events I would attend in New York. For those of you not familiar with knowing which shampoo to purchase for your hair, you must first define what you want the shampoo to do.

When did rice water become the highlight for natural hair care?

Rice. Periodt. Can we seriously start talking about when, where, and how rice became the center of attention for a beauty regimen? Folks are debating on the internet about a grain that adds pounds to the scale if you digest too much, can be the main or side dish to various delicious dishes and if

If You Love Music, You’ll Love a DJ Instagram Live

Unless you've unplugged yourself from technology and been in a social media bubble, you are very familiar with the phrase "Straight Vibes", or "Let it Breathe" by former rapper, highly popular entertaining DJ, Derrick Jones is otherwise known as D-Nice. I don't remember how I came across D-Nice on Instagram however, so glad that I