3 Women Owned Cannabis Businesses who Promote Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness expand beyond self-care and finding a quiet space to rewind our thoughts and behaviors. While visiting our primary care physicians, we often discuss our ailments or blood work results, leading us down a path of prescription medicine, gym memberships, therapy sessions, changes in diet, and the list goes on and on. 

I opted for a more natural, holistic approach to my health and wellness. Now I’m not going to lie. I still dabble with some fast and fried foods; however, it’s in moderation. The same goes with adding cannabis, drinking at least 32 oz of water daily, and eating more vegetables, fruit, sea moss, and elderberry gummies to my diet. When my doctor thought the best method to address my high cholesterol would be tiny pills that may or may not have life-threatening results, I thought, what the hell. If the side effects of pills don’t make you want to change your health, wellness, and lifestyle, then I don’t know what to tell you. It changed my perspective for sure.

Plants over Pills. I began to take my health and wellness business more seriously. Weight is also a determining factor in health and wellness. Once I’m of a certain weight, I know because my lower back and legs start to tell me, “hey you! Let’s calm down by eating the candy and chips; these hips can’t support the weight of your waist!”

Let’s meet some women-owned cannabis business owners who have unknowingly assisted me with choosing plants over pills to address health and wellness concerns.

Meet the Owner:

Takisha Carter, Founder, and Owner of Afrocannawholistic

Takisha Carter is “an award-winning Certified Cannabis Advocate, Certified Cannabis Health Coach, and a Cannabis Sommelier.” To me, she is a childhood friend reacquainted through social media, where we bonded within a small circle of women who dabble and learn the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.

The now discontinued seasonal box of Sacred Sips and Soaks opened up my knowledge of edibles, tinctures, and other items for my health and wellness. Although the subscription box is no longer available, I look forward to visiting her table at various events and other business ventures she has planned for the future.

Sacred Sips and Soaks, Health and Wellness

You can also visit her website and social media business page to learn much more about cannabis and how it can assist with your health and wellness journey.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Meet the Owner:

Mercedes C. Young, Owner of Earth’s Dew

According to IMDb, “Mercedes has modeled and acted since she was one year old, but found time to get a business degree (cum laude) from the University of Florida, start a million dollar company,” and she even had time to publish a couple of books too. Earth’s Dew “is a Black female-owned and operated business that functions on the core values of quality, community, and treating customers like family. Our hemp is grown using organic farming practices.” When you use my code, ‘simplykatricia,’ you can save on your purchase.

Disclaimer: By no means are you obligated to make a purchase; however, should you want to buy these products, I’ll receive a small cash amount to buy some chips and dip for the munchies.

Earth’s Dew products are made with all-natural and organic butter and oils. There is a slight difference in opinion regarding the use of Delta-8; however, Earth’s Dew also provides CBD flowers. CBD is non-psychoactive, leaving you with all the medicinal properties of cannabis and no buzz!

“CBD & THC is effective for a wide array of discomforts because it works with our naturally occurring endocannabinoid system, which is located throughout the body. Research shows that cannabidiol-infused products may help relieve joint pain, muscle aches, tension, and inflammation. Because of the way CBD works on and within the body, our CBD-infused products may also help promote cellular regeneration, rejuvenate skin, and aid in deep-tissue healing.”

Earth’s Dew Premium Delta-8 THC Organic Vegan Gummies

You can also visit her IMDb and social media business pages to learn much more about this businesswoman and her business within cannabis and how it can assist with your health and wellness journey.

Facebook | Instagram |Twitter | Website

Meet the Owner:

I came across this health and wellness cannabis foodie on the clock app on my for you page (fyp). The universe spoke to me since I was actually looking for a business that provided cannabis-infused honey.

Through love for food, Ash combines a need for healing with cannabis. Creating with cannabis leaves “your body feeling relaxed and light, but you’ll still be functional for your everyday obligations.”

I recently purchased a Queen box this is stocked with items specifically for me to have high tea. I cannot wait to return and let you know about the items I receive.

You can visit Ash and learn about her recipes and business through her website and social media pages.  

YouTubeInstagram | Website



Bonus: I’ve been a consultant to the parent company of Bye Bye Belly, Heart & Body Naturals. If you’re interested in CBD, look at my direct website to learn a bit more about hemp herbals and how natural products can help your health and wellness. There are various milligram doses and flavors to choose from. I am a fan of Entourage, Natural, and Black Seed Oil. Disclaimer: should you decide to purchase from my website, I will receive a commission, and you may also have the opportunity to build your site.

Do you know a women-owned cannabis business that also leads with health and wellness?

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