31 Blogmas Ideas to Write About


It’s that time of the year where creative minds come up with 31 days of holiday blogging also know as blogmas. Can you believe it, we are at the time of the year where holiday wish lists are reviewed for purchases, wrapping paper is bought, stockings are hung with care, big meals and family traditions are established and content creators are putting the final touches on their ideas for blogmas or vlogmas (if on video).

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a series of ideas, images, videos, or writings all centered around the holiday season.  As a blogger, it’s sometimes not easy to come up with content to write about, especially content that would be of interest to you – the viewer. For this year’s blogmas, I’ll be trying to create 31 consecutive days of writing for the month of December, emphasis on the trying part.  There are a few blogs out there that give 100 or more ideas of content to create, I settled on 31 and I may not even do that much. Baby steps…

In this post, I’ve included the following 31 blogmas ideas that I may have time to write about:

  1. What is on your holiday wish list?

  2. Holiday gift guide for tweens

  3. Holiday gift guide for new moms

  4. Holiday gift guide for parents

  5. Holiday gift guide for adults

  6. Holiday gift guide for coworkers

  7. What are your favorite holiday songs?

  8. What are your favorite holiday movies?

  9. Decorating for the holidays

  10. Do you have family holiday traditions?

  11. What are you grateful for this holiday season?

  12. Do you travel for the holidays?

  13. The best places to take children for the holidays

  14. Holiday time in New York City

  15. What activities to do with children during Christmas break

  16. Christmas cocktail recipes

  17. New Year’s Eve party outfits

  18. Small businesses to support this holiday season

  19. Stocking stuffer gift ideas

  20. A reflection of the past year

  21. Writing a letter to Santa

  22. Visiting Santa in the local mall

  23. Taking Christmas family photos

  24. DIY Christmas gift tags

  25. DIY Christmas gifts

  26. Your favorite Christmas memory

  27. Hosting a Christmas party

  28. How to give back during the holiday season

  29. Getting ready for an office holiday party

  30. Do you make New Year Resolutions

  31. Christmas giveaway

There are so many topics of discussion when it comes to blogging or vlogging and the holiday season. As the month slowly approaches, I will come back to this post and see how many ideas I was able to create content for. Will I be able to do all 31 days? We’ll see.

Do you have any ideas to write about during the month of December?

Bloggers, are you participating in Blogmas?

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6 thoughts on “31 Blogmas Ideas to Write About

  1. Not sure if we can pull off blogmas but these are great ideas! Maybe this would help us actually pull it off! Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  2. Thank you for this. I’ve bookmarked as I’ll be doing my first ever Blogmas this year and these ideas are fab! X

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