4 Tips You’ll Need to Work From Home

Are you able to work from home and keep your sanity? Some companies have offered to remain telework for the unforeseen future.  While adults are working from home, if you have school-aged children, they are also prepared to go to school. It’s a lot to take in.  It’s a lot to work from home and keep your sanity during these times. Here are some tips to help you with working from home.

Define a workspace at home

Living in NYC, most spaces have just enough square footage for your bare necessities. Creating a workspace for a long period of time needs a bit of creativity.  Here are a few ways you can create a space to work from home.

  • Use of your kitchen/living space – use your table during the day to set up your laptop and work tools to create a workspace for your zoom meetings.
  • Buy a laptop table or a small standing desk – laptop table or a small standing desk can be placed away when not in use in a corner or set up at your living room sofa.
  • Use your bedroom – if you combine the laptop table to use on your bed, make sure to set your zoom background image to avoid your coworkers and colleagues from viewing your personal space.


Do not work beyond your scheduled work hours

What are your scheduled work hours if you were reporting to an office location?  In order to maintain your sanity and establish boundaries, continue to keep your work hours. Wherever you set up your workspace, make sure to log in at your start time, take your breaks, and log out at the end of your scheduled work hours while working from home.

Lunch break – take a walk

When working from home, we often forget that we must mimic our regular day.  I can’t say how many pounds I’ve gained while not following this simple tip.  Not only will the walk maintain a healthy habit, but it will also allow you to take a break from working from a home workspace.

Set home boundaries for children and significant other

As I mentioned prior, those of us who have multiple people sharing space in the home.  Set up workspace in different rooms to prevent distractions when having calls and zoom meetings.

Children should be set up with school work or recreational activities to occupy their attention. It also helps if your significant other can assist with occupying their attention when you are busy in a meeting or working on a project and vice-versa.

Do you have additional tips for keeping your sanity when you work from home?

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