5 Annoying Things I Ain’t Doing in 2019

5 Annoying Things I Ain't Doing in 2019

5 Annoying Things I Ain’t Doing in 2019

Right now, there are still some folks creating gifs and images of the ‘new year, new me’ and end up being the same damn person they were in the prior year. With that being said, there are some things that I experiences this year that I ain’t doing in 2019.  Not making any promises, but I just ain’t doing them because they are either annoying or cause more anxiety in my semi-in need of therapy of a life. I continue to say the phrase, “I don’t make promises” because it is true.  Promises out of my control, can create a difficult situation if I’m not able to hold up your agreement for x, y and z.

1 Delivery Food

Paying a tip and have to come out of my apartment to get it. Tell me, what is the absolute point of ordering food through an application, taking a minute to add a tip because who actually has cash available anymore? And then as you wait for your doorbell to ring with your hot delight, here comes a phone call, “please come pick up your delivery”.  Wait! Where am I going? Why am I going there? Reviews the app to see if I accidently selected pick up instead of delivery, nope it says delivery.  Now I have to find something decent to put on to go get my delivered food that I already gave you the delivery guy a tip for.  How do I get my tip back?

2 – Being the GPS for the Lyft or Uber driver

My friend, if I knew where I was going turn by turn, I would have taken a cheaper mode of transportation to get to my final destination.  Was asking for directions from your paying customers a part of the training? What about the big screen tablet that you are using that is telling you exactly where to go? Living on Staten Island, NY, selecting home as my final destination and then you calling me to ask me if I’m going to Brooklyn…is annoying AF and I just won’t tolerate it. It’s a dumb question and it lets me, the customer, know that you aren’t paying any type of attention to me, the customer, and my need to get to my final destination.

3 – Messing with this NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority

What I don’t understand in this big rich town, is the audacity for the transit system to constantly be crying broke and need us tax payers to keep paying for it. The fare is currently $2.75 and with this cost $0.25 short of $3.00 comes with hot or freezing cold train car with 1-3 homeless men or women, pole dancing young hustlers and even a instrument playing traveler.  Who wouldn’t want all of that entertainment for only $2.75 ? Me, that’s who!

So when the fare rises yet again, I’ll give up a half-hour of sleep to head out the house on time so that I can casually walk to work.  Taking the train is so easy but, having money to spend in those Lyft or Uber cars that ask for you for directions and sometimes drops you off at the corner of your destination is less troubling.

4 – Answering questions about having more children

This wasn’t the number one most annoying thing I ain’t doing in 2019, but it’s definitely within the top 5. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with a loving child, does not mean I was meant to have a few of them.  Let’s remember shall we, that it is 2018, almost 2019 and the cost of living is not what it was when some of these older women could remember.  This one lady, every single time she see’s me asks the same question, you don’t want another one?  No. I don’t.  I answered this question of yours every single time with the same response.  I think some people are insensitive to even ask why.  You don’t know my insides and therefore will not know the ordeal it takes my body to carry, deliver and then carry again a whole person.

A person will also not know my financial, emotional or family support system to handle another mouth to feed, another pamper at 2:00 am to change or a person to take them for a few hours while catching up on sleep, cleaning or just staring at a wall. At the end of the day, it’s just not happening.

5 – Natural Curls Don’t Come in a Bottle?

Thank you for the compliment on my hair and the way it looks today, but I don’t recall all the amounts of which product I ran and grabbed that day to apply to my hair. I’m seriously not being secretive about what I used but if I tell you every step of the process and your hair doesn’t come out the same way you think it should, based on how mine looked, that shouldn’t be redirected back to me.

Most of my hairstyles while rocking a tapered cut, is wash, condition, add some sort of cream I have, oil and then use the brush to coil it up. On the second day, I try to keep that same coil style just spritz it with a bit of water and keep it moving. If you try each of these steps and your hair doesn’t come out the same way, please don’t blame me.

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