5 Candle Lovers of Instagram who are BLACK

Let me preface this by saying, I’m a fan of Bath and Bodyworks and their products. During the holidays, I stocked up and have gifts of body sprays, sanitizers and candles. Most would say, there are so many black-owned businesses who create and sell better candles. And I could agree but when you’re pressed for time, because I procrastinate, a product being right in front of you versus ordering online, wins most days.

Recent events in most stores but this one in particular stroke a nerve with many of us in the black community. “Cultural Appropriation at its Finest” with a huge sign and wrapped in kente designed labeling, a line of candles, soaps and lotions debuted front and center for the month. There are a few new fragrances but for the most part, it’s familiar products in a different packaging. All to show the world that the brand is acknowledging Black History during these 28 days of February.

When March 1 arrives, I’m curious to know if this display will be put to the back of the store, will employees have to remove the black face of kente cloth labeling and reveal the true identity of the products for display for the rest of the year?

I absolutely love candles. While I’m random stores, if there are candles, I take the time to take in the aroma of the oils used to create the candle. Truthfully, I rarely purchase candles online because of this process that I enjoy doing. Especially with their being folks who have sensitivities in my home, various scents are not welcomed.

Here are a few Black-Owned Candles that are available all year long. I received a Willow St. Design Co. candle in my recent The Retreat Box, which smells extraordinary.

My Ritual Candle A Candle with a Message

Image courtesy of My Ritual Candle

Tal and Bert combining industrial concrete & raw minerals to create contemporary art for every day living.

Willow St. Design Co. Properly caring for your candle will maximize your candle burning experience and ensure a safe burn every time.

Shop Selfcare Sundays We aim to inspire women, especially women of color to nourish their body and their mind and become the best version of themselves.

Wicks Nola Candles infused with the Culture of New Orleans

Image courtesy of Wicks Nola

Do you have a favorite Black-Owned candle to recommend?

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