A Novel Thought: You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty

A first romance novel by Nigerian writer Akwaeke Emezi. However, the author has other adult novels added to their literary resume.

From the very first page of this novel, “Milan was the first person Feyi had [fckd] since the accident. They hooked up in a bathroom at a Memorial Day house party in Bushwick,…” I knew the author had my attention. I had questions.

Who are these characters? Are they in Brooklyn, NY? Wait a minute, do they know each other while doing this in a party bathroom? Wow! I low key wanted a visual and got that too as the author describes the motions and emotion or lack there of while going through the pages of this chapter.

Feyi is a visual creative who battles with connecting beyond her best friend/roommate, parents, and her art after a traumatic accident. That is until she is offered an opportunity to showcase in a gallery. The decision to be amongst greats, is where she meets, reveals herself emotionally, and falls in love again.

The up and down emotions that Feyi experienced while rediscovering herself after tragedy is worded so well in this romance novel. Sometimes forgetting that it is a romance and not a reflective story which we can all relate to.

How did I find this novel?

I began following a lovely lady on the clock app who loves spicy readingreading. Not only does she briefly discuss monthly reading selections, she also has a book club on an app, I was hesitant to download but glad I did.


Akwaeke Emezi, born in 1987, a Nigerian fiction writer and video artist. Famed author of the following:

Freshwater, 2018

The Death of Vivek Oji, 2020

Pet, 2019

Dear Senthuran, 2021

Bitter, 2022

Content Warning: Everything, 2022

Kwaeke Emezi, winner of the 2019 Otherwise Award, photographed by Texas Isaiah

Website. Instagram. Twitter. Tumbler.

The best part of being amongst this novel club would be another love of mine, music. Some have created a music playlist on Spotify to compliment the scenes of the novel. I think I’ll listen to the created soundtrack for my next book, Neon Gods on low in the background.

Have you read this or another novel by Akwaeke Emezi?

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