A Revolving Door of Another Hashtag

human being

Here we go again. Another human being. Another mother’s child. Another delayed video. Another incident. Another angry response from the family and friends for a person who was taken from this world by another person based on melanin.

I find it inhumane how people treat four-legged animals with more concern and love than a human being who you possibly have more in common. Before a trigger goes off, before a traffic stop turns into an arrest; before a walk in the neighborhood with a hoodie; before taking a jog; before a choke hold or a knee becomes a plea for breath, these people had names. They had lives, whether, in your eyes, it was a good or bad one, it was theirs to live, and it was taken. And for what?

What occurred in these people’s history, that could make them hate another human being so much? Did a black person in their upbringing bully them? Are they continuing a legacy of hatred so profound, as if asked why they couldn’t even articulate a decent response that would make any type of sense? I know I have so many questions because I genuinely don’t understand.

We, as a nation, are experiencing too many obstacles. We have the worldwide pandemic where thousands have died by just living their healthy life, and here we have people killing because they can. They have most likely done it before and haven’t been caught. A criminal who gets away with a crime the first time, will try their luck again, and again, and again without any remorse and may never get caught unless someone films it.

Not only are people afraid to go to the supermarket, they are simply scared to be seen.

Seriously, what hashtag will be next?

2 thoughts on “A Revolving Door of Another Hashtag

  1. I tried to comment last night, but was having trouble with my laptop, so I apologize if this shows up twice. I wish I had the answers for your questions. The horrible reality is that it happens on a daily basis, but we don’t hear about all of the stories because they may have been more under the radar and not made the headlines. Each time I hope there will be real change, and sadly it doesn’t happen. It breaks my heart and disgusts me. xoxo

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