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Upgrade Your Deodorant with Saige and Ivy

With illness and ultimately the death of my last grandparent, I started to review my own beauty regimens and the contents that I use on a daily basis. Switching toothpastes, deodorants, moisturizers and of course hair products. Some aren’t as easy to transition to (love my Colgate) but if my grandmother could use baking soda as a deodorant for decades, I figured I could look into a more healthy option for myself. I received Saige and Ivy in a self-care subscription box and was hooked.

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Detox with Saige and Ivy

How to Detox using Saige and Ivy

The beauty in applying natural ingredients to your skin or ingesting into your body is when you are able to easily note what each of the ingredients are without the assistance of a Google lookup. There are products on the shelves that have scientific names for the ingredients used, but be careful because they may not all technically natural. Saige and Ivy products each have a short list of ingredients that you will know of because you may have used it before.

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R Kelly

Opinion | Black Culture vs. R. Kelly

Now, let’s be honest here, did I believe every story? Not quite. Do I believe something happened in their interaction with R. Kelly, yes. Do I believe that they were offered fame and was preyed upon by their desire for that fame? Yes. Do I believe that he had a team of players that helped him do the most unimaginable to young girls? Yes. Were their families offered sums of money with a promise that their daughter would be taken care of? Yes. Each woman that had a personal interaction with R. Kelly, had a story to tell. Who am I, or should I ask, who are we as a black culture to not believe in their experience? Within the black culture, we tend to be very suspicious of stories we hear and I don’t know why or when this started.

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Ways to Support Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
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Black Lives Matter

Donate to fuel our campaigns for justice.

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Support Emergency Bond Out

Free Them All for Public Health

Free incarcerated people & keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

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