5 of the Worst Coworker Behaviors

I’ve encountered coworkers who, leave mess in the common areas, refuse to clean refrigerators of their spoiled food, clip finger nails, speak the first thing on their mind and do not take responsibility for their poor coworker behavior. Great at their profession and horrible as a coworker because of their bad human behavior.  I can only imagine how these people are with their family and friends.

shopping while black

Shopping While Black

Shopping while black brings about more anxiety for me than being behind the wheel of a car. Yes, I don’t drive – that’s a story for another day. The other day, I went into the local beauty supply store and walked around the aisles until I saw what I was looking for. A minute too long in the aisle, I was greeted by one of the workers asking if I needed help. I did not because, as I mentioned, I found what I needed but, something else caught my eye and I was reading the label when I was rudely interrupted.

working papers betta have my Money

Betta Have My Money

When Mo’Nique, Queen of Comedy in 2001, Oscar winner in 2010, asked that we support the boycott of Netflix because of low pay, I sat back and listened to her reasons. I read comments, tweets, blog posts and conversed with others about it all. And then Tracee Ellis Ross claimed that she too, Golden Globe winner, Emmy award nominated actress, is not being paid what she feels she is worth in comparison to a male counterpart who happens to also be an Executive Producer, on award winning comedy show, Black-ish. I again, listened, read and formed an opinion about what was going on.