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I’m Forty Years Old and Medically Afraid

Medical appointments affect you differently when you turn forty years old. I'm forty years old and medically afraid of what comes with becoming a year older.  Have you turned a milestone age and thought, oh shit, maybe I shouldn't do x,y, or z anymore because I'm of a certain age? Well, let me tell you


I’m So Excited to Become a Plant Mom

I'm so excited to show off my new babies.  Becoming a plant mom during this quarantine has been a rewarding past time. It's more than just visiting a plant shop, finding the cute pot of soiled vines, purchase, and bring home to a cute spot in the window sill.  There are different things to discover

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Self-Care is Critical Right Now: A Visit to the Hospital

In the past two weeks, my mom reacted to her medication resulting in her being admitted to the hospital, discharged, and admitted again. It was surely an ordeal, mainly since this pandemic, I've intentionally stayed away from her. I have yet to get tested to see if I am a-systematic - mentally afraid of the

3 affirmation cards of selflove

3 Affirmation Cards of Self-Love

Affirmation cards are a kind way of reminding you of positive words, thoughts, and feelings in the form of wallet-sized cards that you can keep on your nightstand or in your wallet. These easy to grab cards are used to help keep what we already know about ourselves in the forefront of your mind.  No