Flashing Back to the 90’s with The Doux

The Doux reminds me of the ice cream truck and the lady in the park with the flavored syrup to pour over scraped ice in a cup. Ladies and gents, The Doux was and is a reminder of a time when nothing matter but which park you’d meet your friends to play double dutch, cop and permit free bbq’s in the local park. Freeze tag and hopscotch.  Swings that now make me dizzy and climbing and jumping over fences to play in the pool after dark.  The Doux reminds me of fun, of good times.

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3 Products to Treat Eczema on the Scalp

Triggers for eczema flare ups can be a number of factors and not limited to allergens, stress, climate, perfumes, cleaning products, the air (lol) and hormones.  We are mindful that our little girl is transitioning to a young lady and with that realization, hormones and attitude (UGH!!) comes with the irritation. <— see what I did there? lol

But what about her scalp though?

Dandruff is essentially scalp flaking caused by inflammation.  The dryness of her scalp is a connection to the eczema she has over her whole body.  Unlike her elbows and knees that can be covered, her scalp is exposed and can be embarrassing as she becomes older.

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Natural Hair Dictionary

Returning to natural hair can be stressful.  Add terms that you must learn and apply to your routine and the stress level goes up a notch.  There are so many natural hair terms and dictionaries out there on the web.  YouTube know it alls, create content online for new and existing naturals to create their own styles. However, when they use terms like BSL or EVO, what are they talking about?  A helpful guide to assist you with the natural hair language, is very important to growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

So here we go!  It’s a long list of different terms with a few pics thrown in there to help you new naturalistas.

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