I’m Transitioning my Loose 4c Hair to Sisterlocks

I’m transitioning from a loose natural to sisterlocks. I’m so excited to physically begin this journey sisterlocks. Mentally, it’s so much to learn and decide on, because like I’ve been told by a couple of hairstylists, it’s a commitment. I’ve been natural since 2012, when I decided to cut off …

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Conditioners that Retain Moisture for Natural 4c Hair

So in my time since returning natural, it’s been seven years in June, I’ve used different types of moisturizing shampoos for my natural hair. Most products I’ve either received in a monthly subscription box or in a swag bag from one of the many events I would attend in New York. For those of you not familiar with knowing which shampoo to purchase for your hair, you must first define what you want the shampoo to do.

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New Year, New Hair: Growing out my Natural

It’s just hair. When I’m ready for a change, I research pictures to bring to my stylist and then get it chopped off. Rock the style for a few years and then decide to repeat the process. I don’t know if I would call myself a lazy natural or just …

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