5 Self-Care Tips for New Moms

There is 24 hours in one day, however, we’re supposed to be sleeping at least eight of them. As new moms, catching a cat nap during the day is even encouraged. Moving around trying to do everything and have everything perfect, is not ideal. The mind and body has gone through an ordeal, you have to give it time to recuperate while taking care of a new person. The laundry will get done. The dishes aren’t going anywhere.

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Going Mental from 4th Grade Math

Although we have been introduced to another year of common core math, we were not quite ready for this mental math. YouTube, worksheets and the game portion of many of the sites, helps us to understand the “new” way of doing the common core math.

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25 Halloween Movies to Watch with your Family

Did you know that it’s the 25th Anniversary for the movie, Hocus Pocus? Me either, until this time of the year when Freeform replays it a few times in the week. Gather your little ones, pop some popcorn and watch this classic as one of the 25 Halloween movies to watch with your family.

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Back to School Supplies

New York City is working with city council members to relocate detention centers and assist those in the system.  HOWEVER, the teachers are in need of simple supplies like markers and copy paper.  When it all falls down, who do they turn to? The parents…

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