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travel with children

A Few Reasons why Traveling with Children is Important

Traveling with children can be a headache when there is just one and she wants you to play and play and play and all you want to do is relax and lay in the shade and enjoy the scenery.  Children force you to do things you don’t want to do at all.  With her, I had to step further into the Atlantic, more than I would normally do because, you guessed it – I don’t swim.  I couldn’t allow my fear of the ocean water to project onto her growing mind.  So with that said, I ditched my phone deep into my bag and headed into the water with her and her father.  She appreciated seeing that with me only being a foot and some inches taller than her, she’d be okay in the water and even encourage me to go in deeper.  Once we managed the waves, we were in for a great time to the start of our vacation.

Ways to Establish a Punishment

3 Ways to Establish a Punishment to Children

Who said parenting was easy? I’m not a parent envious of those with multiple children and having to establish a punishment to all of them, either on a case by case basis or all of them all at one time. When I was growing up, punishment was clear and there was a fear of parents. When you were sent for a switch, please don’t tell me that I’m now of a certain age where the phrase “get a switch” is foreign language to you. If it is, please let me know in the comments…

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