Chill TF Out Girl!

chill tf out

Chill TF Out: “to become so calm and relaxed, almost in a state of quiet ecstasy, that anything in your life that makes you say “fuck!” no longer exists” Urban Dictionary

Women have so many roles to play within their existence.  The pressures of being a woman, being married, performing as a woman, having children, caring for those children, to work or to stay at home, keep budgets, care for elder parents, keep everything going with a perfect smile on their face ugh!!  It’s too much, no wonder the diagnosis of anxiety and depression seem to float more and more around the internet.

I used to wonder why some women are not able to sleep at night.  My mom was one of those women.  All troubles she took part in and troubles of her children were always on her brain which eventually turned on her.  She had an aneurism when I was barely 22 years old. With months of physical and occupational therapy, she is somewhat the mother I remember, but the disease of taking on troubles has not been able to leave her.  I think my sister has adapted this trait, it managed to not stick with me.  I’ve adapted the idea to care but to have a chill tf out demeanor when it comes to other people’s problems.  It’s aggravating to be in a stressful frame of mind especially with things that you can not control. <– Actions beyond your existence, do not deserve residence in your mind.

How do you chill tf out?

Find time for yourself. Take a walk. Of course, when you have a household of responsibility, taking a walk alone seems like a task that would sit on a list forever.  I say for those that have stroller children, use the middle of the morning when most are at work and school to have a walk around the corner or to the most serene area close to home. Breathe in the air, allow the mind to relax and reset back to a calm state.

Read. When you read various books, the mind goes with the storyline of the main character. A good storyline can drift your mind off to so many different worlds, lands and troubles of other people whether it be fiction or non-fiction, mystery or adventure.

Experience early mornings or nights in silence.  Before the house awakes, have alone time to reflect on your life and what you need or don’t need to make your mind be at peace.

Who should you chill tf out with?

Have you taken yourself out to dinner? To a movie? Coffee without your electronic device and just people watch?  Imagine if you were able to just sit and be waited on in a restaurant, order and eat all of your own appetizer and dessert if you wanted to.  The point is, if you’re not content with being in a calm and serene space with yourself, how can you share your space with others? Challenge yourself to go out and date yourself.

My newest friend Shayla of IamBatmom85, wrote a thoughtful piece about friends. A comment and this post later encouraged our offline relationship to blossom.  I even asked her for a invitation to her upcoming wedding to her fiancé Chris – our fiancé’s names are even the same. lol She is my west cost twin. I say this to point out, we didn’t know each other for decades to have a connection.  We literally just met and have so much in common to want to chill tf out with each other without any judgment of either of our lives.

Why should you chill tf out?

If it isn’t obvious, you need to chill the fuck out because it’s necessary for the sanity of your well-being and for others around you. I look at my mother, sister and even my daughter and question why I didn’t adapt this worrisome behavior about life.  I do worry but tend to not let too many things bother me anymore.  Someone at work receives a reward you think is yours, viewers would rather read someone else’s work, your child’s grades aren’t what you think they should be.  All of these things are outside of your control and yet, we worry and how does this help you mentally, physically, emotionally?

I know that I don’t want to take high blood pressure medicine or any type of pharmaceutical medication to regulate my heart, mind and body.  I want to be as whole and there for my one and only child when she decides to become a parent  and this is why I know how I should chill tf out. What are your reasons?

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