Conditioners that Retain Moisture for Natural 4c Hair

Conditioners similar to shampoo or any hair styler, have different types for a specific need.  If you need to detangle your natural hair, then you should specifically look for brands that offer this in their description.  Since my hair is so short right now, detangling has not been an issue, so finding a conditioner that has a lot of slip is nice but not necessary for me at this stage of my growth.  Maintaining moisture is always a concern for us coarse, tightly curled naturals.  Finding a conditioner along with your moisturizing shampoo that specifically does this should be your focus.

My stylist nor my barber have been in these streets doing underground cuts, so my tapered hairstyle has now grown into an asymmetrical fro and now I’m thinking of transitioning to locks.  Besides needing products for my daughter’s looser curl patter, it’s been some time since I’ve cared to buy a specific shampoo, conditioner, or styler that can detangle, and retain moisture for these coarse, tight curls. Researching which products are now out there can be overwhelming.

moisturizing conditioners
Freshly cleaned and conditioned 4c hair without styling

What are the tips for using a moisturizing conditioner?

Follow the instructions. The number one rule for using any type of conditioner is to follow the instructions. If the conditioner calls for you to keep on for three to five minutes, then don’t go to the supermarket with a shower cap on.  I would not judge you if I see you with a bonnet on while multitasking, but your strands will not forgive you for over-processing with the product when you don’t need to.

Less is more. I know, that little blob of conditioner they say you can use doesn’t even cover half your hair let alone your whole head.  Keep in mind that you are applying the product with your hands and will work it throughout your head with your fingers or with a detangling brush.  The last thing you want to do is have all that conditioner wasted going down the drain because you added too much to your hair.

Don’t be afraid of the cost.  Believe me, our coins are precious.  There are so many brands out there that it’s hard to discover which one is just right for our hair.  If you are curious about an “expensive” brand, go to their site and see if they offer samples or smaller versions of the conditioner.  Especially if you’ve done research and see reviews from similar hair textures, most times it will work for your hair too.

Moisturizing Conditioners

Here are a few brands that provide a conditioner that I’ve tried or want to try to maintain moisture in my curls.

Qhemet Biologics – I’ve personally avoided trying this brand because the cost frightened me however, this brand is specifically made for our coarse kinky textured hair.  With the combination of Kamut wheat, barley, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and moringa oil, the products transform your dry strands to detangled and moisturized hair. Although their conditioner is not the “traditional” leave in for a few minutes and wash out, it softens the cuticle and “restores manageability, softness and elasticity to dry, tangled hair”.

And look at their site, do you see all those sample versions of their products?  Better get on it before they sell out, which they have – currently waiting for the Cocoa Tree Ghee – Conditioner & Detangler to be available.

Alikay Naturals – this natural haircare and lifestyle brand provides a deep conditioner and a leave-in conditioner to address your dry hair. I personally love using the lemongrass leave-in. It smells awesome and actually assists in the combing and styling process.  I’ve used this product as a “bring it back to life” instead of using water and oil.  Not only is the cost affordable, but it’s also available almost everywhere.

Cantu Beauty – When my hair was longer and thrown in puffs and various other styles, Cantu was a staple in my arsenal. Many naturals claim to not care for this product line and they could have valid points for their hair regimen, but for me, the shampoo, conditioner, and curling cream were lifesavers for my head of textured curls.

There are so many brands out here in the natural community who provide conditioners and it can be so confusing to know which one will work for our kinky textured hair.  Just remember to, DRINK WATER; research the ingredients being used in the products you want to try; follow the instructions for the type of conditioner you are trying; OIL IS NOT A MOISTURIZER; follow a regimen that will work, cleanse your scalp, condition and detangle your hair, seal in the moisture of your clean hydrated hair with a styler and last oil. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables don’t hurt to maintaining healthy skin and hair.

I am not, nor have I ever been a stylist.  I don’t know you, your hair, your regimen, or your lifestyle.  The above tips have worked for me and my hair over the ten years of being a kinky textured natural.

What conditioners do you use for your natural hair?

3 thoughts on “Conditioners that Retain Moisture for Natural 4c Hair

  1. Thank you for sharing. @tasia If I may…. Follow the curly chemist on YouTube or naptural85. I think your daughter has high porosity hair. There are products for this type of hair.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve been struggling with my daughter’s hair. It literally sucks up any products. Do you ever get little beaded nots at the end of your hair? I need to figure out how to prevent that.

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