If You Love Music, You’ll Love a DJ Instagram Live

Unless you’ve unplugged yourself from technology and been in a social media bubble, you are very familiar with the phrase “Straight Vibes”, or “Let it Breathe” by former rapper, highly popular entertaining DJ, Derrick Jones is otherwise known as D-Nice. I don’t remember how I came across D-Nice on Instagram however, so glad that I did. Amongst millions of others staying up until the wee hours of the eastern standard time, the Dj allows us to vibe to the music of yesterday and today. And we don’t mind because midday naps are a thing during a quarantine.

From DJ sets to the newest favorite, #Verzuz battles or celebrations, the common denominator is music.  Listening to music via the Instagram application has been a highlight of this quarantine, at least for me it has. There’s something about hearing the instrumentals before the beat drops that will get you moving or bring you back to a period of time.

Music makes you feel nice

Memories of music began when I was a young girl growing up on the 7th floor of my housing project. My parents would entertain their friends with dinner plates and card games in the kitchen and records playing and feet cutting a rug of the living room. My siblings and I weren’t allowed outside of our rooms once the music and voices would take over the apartment. But before the entertainment began, my father and I would sample the records making sure there were no scratches that would interrupt the vibe, and we would dance together. He was my first dance partner. My mom danced some but my father was and still is the party guy. At 70+ years old, he continues to hang out there in the streets with family and friends, dancing and partying. I would think once the music comes on – I am him, without music, I take on my mother’s personality, very quiet and to myself unless we are cool.



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Music makes you dance

During this quarantine, who knew there were so many “DJs” out there in the world? It seems as though anyone with an interest and money for a soundboard can hook their laptop or phone (insert side-eye) up to some speakers and okay a set of music.

There is a comedian/actor named Deon Cole. You may be familiar with him as Charlie from the popular show Black~ish. Well, he also is a Dj. Who knew? His Sunday early afternoon set consists of house music. And what does House music make you do? Move your body! His selective tunes, image, and moves make you either laugh or dance your heart out.

Exercise has never been on a list of things to do however if you introduce music, it just becomes so much more interesting. Any movement that gets your heart pumping and sweat forming on the sides of your temple is considered some form of exercise. I would guess that’s how I stayed small for so long, dancing in the clubs in my early twenties, early thirties, keep my physique in some sort of shape. Get up and dance, it’s good for your heart, mind, and soul.

Music makes you remember the time

If you love music and the history of different songs, then you need to listen to DJ Quest Love.  An afro musician from the award-winning band, The Roots, comes on his live usually late in the evening to give you a history of different genres of music. I usually like to listen right before going to bed as a relaxation. Although I am not a big fan of DJs talking in between songs, I tolerate it from the historian also known as Quest Love. Sometimes you just want to listen to the snip of music and vibe away to the first time you heard it, where you were and who you were with.

Have you been listening to Instagram DJs?

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