My Testimony with Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and wellness posts, products and ideas, I’m one to like, share and possibly purchase your products in support.  I have more than enough candles to start a seance. However, when it came to my own health and wellness, I adapted the tools provided by my mother and grandmother and saw that I needed to change or end up with future ailments as they have experienced.

I messaged a friend after she posted about this brand, and that’s how I got started with the Bye Bye Belly business. I knew I wanted a change, but laziness would always set in.  During my yearly visit,  my doc told me I would need meds to regulate my cholesterol and blood pressure.  I revisited our conversation to see how the products could jump start me to getting my shit together. And it did.

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I loved my bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with coffee almost every morning sitting at my desk. The deli guy knew my order with just a good morning. 😊😔 That shit eventually caught up with me, though in pounds, and my pockets. Clothes no longer fit. My hair was dry. I was feeling old – only turned 40! Everything hurt. I never had an ass and gained one. It was weird because it wasn’t real. It wasn’t healthy for my body frame. I was damn near obese for my body height.

Taking pills is not my thing. I’m not too fond of aspirin. So I knew that was not my future.
I refuse to take a cocktail of pills every morning when I can make a few lifestyle changes. Along with COVID cases, people my age were losing their lives to strokes and heart attacks. This was and continues to be too much for anyone to digest. 😔 Quietly, I mourned for my daughter’s friend, who lost not only her dad to health issues but her mom too. I did not want this fate for our family at all.

On 9/25/2020, I was 160.3 pounds.
As of yesterday, 146.1, I will see how my levels are when my blood work comes back. 🙏🏾

I’m breaking the cycle in my black family – you should too.

When I joined a group of women in Puerto Rico a year ago, I didn’t know that being around so many entrepreneurs would manifest me into starting a business. I started with Bye Bye Belly! with the detox tea purchase and created my own business from that called Bye Bye Belly with Katricia.  If you are thinking of starting a home business with Bye Bye Belly, let me advise you to start with the other plan option. A lot of headaches will be avoided when you have the product on hand instead of ordering and waiting. Trust me.

Are you interested in starting your journey to improve your health and wellness?

Or looking to earn a few hundred dollars a month to pay a bill? The 3-step process is really as simple as posting on social media and waiting for messages in your inbox.bye bye belly consultant

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