5 Clues That Your Natural Hair Tips Maybe Nonsense

5 Clues That Your Natural Hair Tips Maybe Nonsense

Nonsense ideology in relation to natural hair tips came to me after watching so many different videos of caring for our kinks and curls.  Ideas where both tea and beer are desirable to most, but not for my hair, I’d rather drink it, well not the beer ugh. Most of these natural hair remedies are quick growth schemes that only waste your time and money.  In the end, how much hair growth did Lipton really provide for you? Did that bottle of Corona have your hair strands full and shining bright?

Thinking back to the simple days, my mother used grease – DAX to be exact. DAX and a hot comb, were the products and tools used to try to relax my thick kinky curls into a semi straight style for the school week.  When I visited my cousins, was the first time I saw someone use food to apply to their hair – eggs and mayonnaise.  I thought that was ridiculous and wouldn’t dare use up my mother’s food for my hair.

Today, I can admit to trying avocado to condition my hair, I’ve also tried to see what the benefits of using an egg, banana and clay would do for my hair strands.  It could be that I’m too lazy and refuse to wait around for minutes to actually see if it works, or it really doesn’t and we’re just wasting food and driving ourselves insane.  Here are a few things that I’ve come across that I have been questioning.

Pre shamPOOing

Applying Jamaican Black Castor, Jojoba, a egg, a dollop of mayonnaise, saran wrap and a sprinkle of mint to your hair before having to wash it all out.  What exactly is pre shamPOOing?

A pre shamPOO is simply a treatment one does to prep the hair before shampooing, to protect the hair from the harsh effects of shampoo. PAUSE.  Why are we using shampoo that maybe harmful to our hair, when all stylists, sites and bloggers everywhere mention NOT to use shampoos that do this exact thing? Clue 1: that pre shamPOOing may actually be a waste of time and a waste of refrigerated items used to cook with.

Co Washing

Clue 2: At some point in time, curly girls thought to just apply conditioner to their hair in a way of cleansing the hair strands in between shampoos or in lieu of shampooing all together.  In what world do we just apply softener to dirty hair strands? Do you throw your clothes in the washer and apply Downy to the cycle and that’s it?  How about just wash with some water and then apply some body wash – I mean some folks actually only do this but where is the cleaning part of this nonsense?  Just water doesn’t remove the buildup of lotions, butters, oils, dirt and old skin cells.  To just apply conditioner on top of all that?! Why?

Use of oil

 Image Courtesy of ManeObjective.com Image Courtesy of ManeObjective.com

Oil is not the solution to the “my hair is dry” complaint. Clue 3: applying oil to already dry hair will do what exactly, lock in dryness.  There are so many awesome oils out there that do exactly what they say it does.  Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, these oils are recommended for sealing in moisture to your hair strands.  If you have a dry scalp, try to start a journal to document what products you’ve used, foods you’re eating and the amount of water you’re not drinking to see where the problem may come from.  If necessary, you should refer to a dermatologist to get to the root of a more serious scalp issue.

Protective Styling

Clue 4: Braids, twists, tuck n rolls are all cute hairstyles that are seen as protective.  What if there are stylists out there that say, even hair puffs can be a protective hair style as well?  Clean, trimmed and continuous moisturized hair strands are being protected from the elements.  Braids, twists or tuck n rolls are again cute, but when you unravel, and the issue of dry hair, damaged edges and split ends seem to be your truth, there is nothing healthy about that.

Hair Product Hauls

Another commercial advertises another hair product that you just have to get because of all the other clues already discussed.  You spend all types of money on the whole product line, because how can you cure all your natural hair woos with just the styling cream?  After trying the line, you’re in love…two days later back to square one. LOL Clue 5: How many free to low cost events do you find and go to? At these events, most hosts will have hair brands sponsor and provide samples and/or full size bottles of that particular product you wanted to try.  For the low to moderate cost, you can try a product, test it out more than once and if it doesn’t work, give it to a friend or dump it.

Besides my opinion of clues that your natural hair tips maybe nonsense, here is a bonus.  I recently posted on my Instagram an image of young lady with a lot of hair.  It was a twist out of beautiful thick hair.  Comments such as, “hair goals” is interesting to me.  Without any idea what the middle or back of her hair looks like, or even if the strands were in fact all hers.  We tend to assume that big natural hair in images are conditions to goals we as naturals all must have.  My dear, if I never told you, hear me say, natural hair does not have to be long, to be healthy.  There are some naturals out here with thousands of followers that have thin long strands and defined eyebrows.

Do you know of any hair tips that you think maybe nonsense?

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