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In my years of using a relaxer, I remember the rules, protect the nape of your neck, ears, and scalp with a skin protectant like Vaseline and make sure you mix your store-bought kit with that activator. If you were your own stylist, no hair color on the same day either, or else you could damage your hair and see hair loss. When using a hair removal lotion-like Nair, you want the exact reaction, hair loss. In my recent experience with Nair, not only did the hair remain BUT I had serious irritation and burn. Should I have treated the process like using a hair relaxer?


The first time I tried to use Nair hair removal lotion, I was in my very early twenties when my hair was coarser and everywhere. I knew the instructions said to leave the cream or lotion on for no longer than three minutes but, following the instructions all I’d have left is stinky hairy legs because it just didn’t work. I refused to try the cream again suffering from razors, hair bumps, and discolorations until recently when I wanted to try alternative methods than a razor. I figured the time has passed, let me try the Nair hair removal lotion again. Even though many other brands were on the shelves, I was familiar with Nair and decided to try the long lost product again.


Yes, this was my experience in my underarm area. I tried to understand what happened, did I not follow the instructions properly? Was I supposed to add a protectant to my skin before applying Nair? Can you imagine what my underarms felt like applying my natural deodorant spray – that contains apple cider vinegar?

The main ingredients in Nair that basically burns away hair are, potassium thiogycolate and calcium hydroxide.  If Nair is left on the skin for longer than the recommended time, burns, irritation, and an uncomfortable experience can occur. Although my hair in the underarm area seemed to become ready to remove the hair, it did not work. Not only when I wiped the Nair away, I was left with hair, burning underarms, and a small open bump that was not there prior to applying the lotion. I only left the lotion on my skin for less than the recommended three minutes.  If I may disclose, I have used this in my bikini area before and never had the experience down there that I did with my underarms.

Nair seems to work with many men and women with a texture of hair different than mine. I never experienced such a painful reaction, even when I used it years ago. As I continue to use natural deodorant spray, I will not be so quick to remove my underarm hair using this product. Unless I decide to treat the process as I used to when I would relax my hair at home, apply a protectant to my skin to prevent the effects of this hair removal lotion.

Have you had a bad reaction to using a hair removal lotion?


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