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May I start by saying, I miss receiving boxes in the mail. Whether it’s subscription boxes, promotion boxes, or random Amazon boxes for purchases I second guess when I finally receive them. It’s been a minute since I’ve done a review of a product on this platform.  If you’re following me on Twitter, which I hope you are, I usually voice my opinion of some items over there. After canceling a few of my subscription boxes, I ran across a reminder email for PINCHme and thought, it’s been a while since I’ve received a box, I deserve to receive a box too and it does not require me to provide my memorized card number. Hoping that the items received aren’t thrown in the collection corner of stuff. I’ve gotten better since canceling those boxes.

What is a PINCHme Box?

FREE! PINCHme has different boxes of items sent to influencers once a month of random items to test try and review on their platforms and it’s all free.  Allowing the guilt to leave your soul when you are being conscious about your spending habits too.  I receive the sample box of items to review based on my profile – which is very easy to setup.

There are times when the boxes are a tad bit off and I’m not able to write a review because I would not use tanning cream, seriously would not even think to use it or recommend to my friends or family. However, there are many other products to receive that coincidentally flow with the categories of my blog.  So if you’re an owner of a pet, make sure to update your interests so they will send you pet items for free to review on your social media platforms.

Anyone can receive PINCHme boxes.  Visit PINCHme, create your profile and wait for that first e-mail to select the items you want to receive to try and review.  If you miss that e-mail that comes out usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month, you will receive random items that may not agree with your profile (a reference to the tanning cream). However, if you do open the e-mail on time, you will have options of some cool sample items.  In the past, I’ve received items like, Skittles® Sweet Heat Candies, RX Nut Butter, SlimFast® Bake Shop Cookies, and GOLD BOND® Ultimate Healing Lotion.  Some I’ve tried and loved, others I side-eyed and wondered why I keep missing those e-mails.  Set a timer just to make sure you receive what you could possibly try.

PINCHme Products

Since it’s been some time since I received a PINCHme box, 2 years to be exact, I decided to revisit receiving the sample items in my mailbox again.  According to my profile, in the 5 years of having a profile, this is my 12th box.  Look what I received in this past month’s PINCHme box:

Heinz Mayochup Saucy Sauce – absolutely loved this little packet of a sample that arrived in this past month’s PINCHme box.  For years, we would mix a small amount of mayo and ketchup sometimes relish to apply to our hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, whatever food that needed that extra special sauce.


Compeed Advanced Blister Care – during this quarantine, I haven’t gone out much let alone thrown on new shoes that would aggravate the back or sides of my feet.  For the purpose of reviewing these products, I did try on a pair of shoes that were slightly tight. I liked that Compeed’s pads were easy to put on and didn’t interfere with putting on my shoes.  It’s like it became a part of my skin which was good.


First & Free CBD Softgels – I’m not shy when it comes to CBD, hemp, or Mary Jane products.  Wished that this pandemic wasn’t going on, New York was so close to making a decision.  I like how CBD honey, gels, tablets, and oils, create a relaxing aura for the active mind and body.  At least it does for me.  Sleep patterns have been all over the place.  I look forward to trying these soft gels and see if I can go to sleep before 2:00 am.


Rael Organic Cotton Core Tampons – It’s been over thirty years when I tried my first tampon.  It was a disaster, so I never did it again. While we are home during this quarantine, and I received this brand for review, I may actually try again without embarrassment out there in the streets. Their samples came in this little cute package that provided you with three kinds depending on your need, regular, super, super +.


If you’ve never heard of these items or saw them in the store but passed by them, PINCHme box would be perfect for you to try, again for FREE.  You receive one box of samples to try.

Would you be interested in trying a PINCHme box?

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