Reasons to go to a Salon instead of the Barbershop for your next Haircut

salon barbershop haircut

Haircuts can be done by anyone that has an art for cutting and styling hair with clippers.  It takes a business person who loves standing and being around many people to get a license to operate machinery in a salon or barbershop.  What neighborhood does not have a barbershop? A hangout spot for males of all ages to get their lineups and talk about any and everything under the sun and respect the few moms that bring in their sons for their cut. A community staple location in most metropolitan cities where everyone knows your name.

My first visit into a barbershop, I was extremely nervous. Clearly, I’m not a male; I didn’t escort a younger male to get a cut; and I definitely was not there to socialize amongst the men and that one lady with the clippers in one hand and a Corona in the other – I was somewhat nervous for the guy in the chair. After some inside knowledge, she’s very experienced. I’ll take their word for it. The time I sat in the chair was slightly past the set appointment hour. Literally fifteen minutes later, I was dusted off paying with a crisp twenty dollar bill and heading out the door.

A. Whole. Fifteen. Minutes!

But, what about my hair? Did I need a deep conditioning treatment? Was my scalp clean or did I need to shampoo to remove product buildup? Or how about that pesky hair bump that was carelessly cut with the clippers to get that clean look? Ugh…because I don’t have enough marks on me, one on the back of my neck was necessary too.

Although having a early morning or after work appointment and leaving within fifteen minutes of time is great and oh, did I mention the price difference? These points are reasons why I would continue to visit the barbershop in between my visits to the salon.

salon barbershop haircut

Here are a few reasons why I will go to a salon instead of the barbershop for my next haircut.

  1. The health of my hair. Even with getting a haircut, there’s still an idea that the hair being cut can be dry and or damaged. The style that I have, I barely have enough to keep a split end but dryness is an off and on issue with my textured hair. Having my head massaged during the shampoo and styling session is a part of my self care. It’s the best.

  2. The color and cut. Yes, I can go to the barbershop and get a cut but what about the style, color? Going to a professional to color my hair is a necessity for me. At a period of time, I’d buy the over the counter hair dye and apply it the same as when I would buy the over the counter relaxers. At this point in my life, I don’t want to, nor should I have to do that. It’s not that I’m rich or lazy, I just like to have my hair done by a professional. If for any other reason than reason number 1.

  3. The ambiance. The very first time that I walked into Wesley Styles NYC, I was greeted with a smile and offered a drink. Not only is she a business woman, she’s a mom and familiar with me and others within the natural hair community. We have fun chatting. She does all types of hair and has so many ideas to bring you out of your comfort zone. Besides the drinks which also may include coffee, tea, water, she also continues to play this nice old school rhythm and blues channel that just puts you in a calm space. Not loud. No competition of another client. Just you, your stylist and whatever type of girl chat you feel comfortable having.

  4. The cost. Now I am not going to lie, at first those numbers were stabbing me in my heart. But then I thought about it. If you’ve never had a stylist from start to finish all to yourself to cater to your hair in a private hair salon, you’d think the costs are crazy too. I appreciate the costs. With numbers like hers and for salons in surrounding areas, you have to evaluate the service and products that are being used on your hair. The phrase, “You get what you paid for!” is so very true.

In the barbershop, I may be able to leave work, pick up my daughter from daycare, grab some goodies from the grocery store and make it back home in time to catch Wheel of Fortune. Going to the salon after work, I wouldn’t be able to do any of that, but at the end of the session, I’ll have a great head of styled hair with a dope haircut.

There are differences between the two different styles of professional work in a salon and barbershop, but both services result in compliments from passerby’s. A fresh haircut, can be a walking billboard of great services.

Do you go to a hair salon? Have you been to a barbershop? Which do you prefer for your haircuts?

3 thoughts on “Reasons to go to a Salon instead of the Barbershop for your next Haircut

  1. There was one time I got my hair cut in a salon. My hair was a decent length and everyone was telling me not to cut it. I still cut my hair anyway. Have you seen the movie “Don’t Mess with the Zohar?” I looked like that after they were done with me! 😂 Just thought I’d share a funny haircut story.
    It wasn’t a black owned salon so I shouldn’t be surprised. Plus I went in as a walk-in. I didn’t set an appointment with a private haircare specialist. I’ve never been under the care of a private hairstylist before actually. I would like to do that and pamper myself one day! But like you said, that can be expensive.

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