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self care letter to me

In 2018, I found a young lady’s blog online called, Thoughts with N who was hosting a 30 day self-care challenge.  This “20 – something blogger and mental health advocate, prompted me to write more at the time all around self-care.

During this 30 day self-care challenge you are participating in, day nine is a self-care letter to me from me expressing my accomplishments.  I’m a little confused as to what category of accomplishments that I should share with you about.  Do I let you know how proud I am of you that you’re still standing?  Do I pat you on the back and let you know that the child you gave birth to is in her tenth year and she’s not as bad as all your fears would lead you to believe?  How about we go through each major part of our life and breakdown the accomplishments of where you were and how you are doing today.

Education –

Education is an important part of self-care. With obstacles in your way, you have managed to change your career path of choice a few times and now have settled in the science of Human Resource Management.  In my letter to me, your accomplishment to going back to school, earning and completing  your master of science degree while raising a toddler was remarkable.  There are others in similar situations that always use the word can’t.  With your mindset, that word was never a part of your vocabulary and for that, kudos to you.

Career –

In my self-care letter to me, you have taken your accomplishment of graduating with your degrees and utilized that with your growing experience in the field of Human Resource Management.  You were able to recognize what you needed to do to climb the next step on the ladder and you did it.  When you were younger, you wanted to help people but didn’t know how, so you studied nursing while in High School.  At the end of High School, nursing was no longer our passion so you went into the world of computer science – knowing that the internet would play a big part of our existence.  That Associate Degree led you to a secretary position, nowhere near computer programming or information technology but you weren’t ready for that lifestyle anyway.  Working from the bottom of the business ladder allowed you to grow and learn all the intricate steps to understanding the workforce and the people who play a role.

self care letter to me

Family –

Working within the City of New York, allowed you to set goals for yourself and your family.  In a letter to me, I will let you know that you have accomplished to be there for parental units, siblings, significant others, friends and your own mini me.  It used to be seen as a sacrifice to work for a government agency and not make as much money as your peers.  As you look back, you were able to return to school and still have the support from your family and friends.  There are no expectations to work after hours or on weekends and holidays.  You are able to take scheduled vacations and spend time in peace with your family.  The ability to actually utilize a work-life balance is real life, because of the choices you have made.

In each of these parts of our life, we see how they intertwine and relate to each other to all make sense.  Without the support from family, you wouldn’t have gone back to school.  Without school, you would not have not only realized that certain career paths were not available to you because of lack of experience.  With both family and education, you were able to have to encouragement to go after more responsibilities at work and move up the business ladder.  You may not be a millionaire, you may not even have a office with business awards displayed on the wall.  However, you do have the greatest accomplishments of all and that’s the joy of doing what you like to do during the day and coming home to a family that appreciates and loves you at night.

And for that you should be proud of yourself.

Self-care Challenges – Meditation, Unplugging, Reading, Walking, Podcasts

Have you written a letter of accomplishments to yourself recently?


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  1. This actually caught me at the perfect time. I could use doing theis exercise. By reading this you have SO MUCH to be proud of. Well done you. Looking forward to reading all you will accomplish next.

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