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read some of a book

I love to read books however, on this very first day of 2019, I did everything but the title of this post for a self-care challenge. What challenge am I referring to? My twitter friend thoughtswithN, created a 30-day self-care commitment to challenge people to take care of themselves in the new year. On day one, as I mentioned before, it is to read some of a book. Not a whole book, but just some of it. Already, I’m starting the new year committing to challenges and haven’t successfully completed day one. At this time as I type this post – there’s four minutes left till the day – then we’ll be off to a new challenge.

But unlike before, new year, new me, right? I’m not stressing over this challenge or any task that can not be done when I am able and when I’m not being pressured into doing it. So there’s 30 days to create some time in your life to dedicate to something that brings about peace and joy in one’s life.

Read Some of a Book. So I’ve got a few books that are in my Goodreads account and right now, I can say that I have started and have not gone back to this book for a few days now. I can blame it on the holidays or I can just say I’m not focused. If you looked at my online kindle, you’d see how many books that I’ve either downloaded for free or at a very low cost that I have not even clicked on yet. I just need to focus.

In 2019, I need to focus on specific goals so that I can concentrate on daily tasks such as reading some of a book and eventually finishing said book to move on to the next thing. Ugh, maybe one day I’ll also open that jigsaw puzzle of a million pieces and work on that too.

One task at a time.

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