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SHDC event

If you are thinking about cutting your hair or just love looking at short hairstyles, Short Hair Don’t Care, SHDC and The Cut Life are big social media stylists and influencers that can provide services and images for your to enjoy. Scrolling through Instagram images, I came across the flyer for the Manhattan location of the SHDC hair and fashion show event. Reviewing the tickets on the site, I decided to see if they were in need of volunteers. And they were. Here is my recap of my experience with working with Enjoilux and Ari Event Group.

I’m not a virgin when it comes to volunteering for hair events. A year ago I also did the behind the scenes at an NYC Wine and Food Festival event as well. Look, money is tight and these interesting events are not cheap, if you want to get in, volunteer. Yea there’s some work to be done but depending on the venue and their budget, you will be compensated well in services they provide to the paid attendees.

Let’s get into the service provided to the guests that attended the SHDC Manhattan event.


267 5TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10016

Beautiful loft space. During the walkthrough of the event space, something I’ve never experienced before, the layout of their vision made me wish for the day to come soon. There was a set up in the upstairs floor area for the “Influencer – VIP” brunch, and Trap and Paint. Disclaimer: You will notice that I say, I saw the setup but didn’t get to see the actual event because, hello volunteering to do a service. So for the Trap and Paint, hosted by Brazon, it was set up to be really cool and the painting that they created was pretty cool. I actually went to the website for Trap n Paint and saw that any and all upcoming NYC events are SOLD OUT —> say it like Soulja Boy said Drake’s name in that interview lol!


The VIP pre-show and Runway event was hosted by The Cut Life Co-Founder, Tahira Joy Wright. As with any other event, sponsors are crucial to allowing your vision to come to life with the monetary assistance and presence of event talent. Presenting partner for the SHDC NYC event was Wellington Hair Spa. Mr. Patrick Wellington has an eccentric personality, showing off his haircutting skills while on roller skates. I was hoping he didn’t fall, and my silent wish stayed true as he did several rolls around the venue.

I think for a hair runway, I would have liked to see a few hair demonstrations or a midway to the finished style. Let’s be honest here, those tickets were not cheap! In today’s financial climate, you’ve got to give the people something to leave away with. Shoot, I could have been a volunteer, my hair could have used a cut, even though I am in between wanting it to grow out. I would have sat on stage and smiled into the camera watching pieces of hair fall to the floor. lol Due to my role at the time, I was not as fortunate as the other volunteers to see the hairstyles for myself, only through the videos and images posted online. It would have been nice to extend the seating out a bit more to allow more guests to have a seat. I know how I felt sitting at a table and not able to enjoy the experience, I wonder what the vendors also at tables thought about not being able to see the show either.

 Photo Courtesy of Enjoi Hair Don’t Care Photo Courtesy of Enjoi Hair Don’t Care

Light Bites and Drinks:

If you are thinking of going to any event that mentions any type of food, the interest in attending said event goes up a notch. According to the schedule, light bites were to be passed around by the volunteers. By the way, we were expected to wear all black to maybe show us a group of volunteers. It would have been nice to advertise our services with black t-shirts with the brand name and then for those that decided to do their own thing, we’d all have on the same shirt. Back to the food…

Turkey meatballs, veggie patties, beef patties, and quiche were passed around by us. By this time, many of the guests wanted to claim their seats for the show, and with the rope off section, it was kind of awkward making way over to them to partake in the passed hor dourves. I don’t know if other volunteers made it over to the roped-off area, but I know I saw the same few people a few times that grabbed more than one meatball, patty, or quiche to stop their stomach from arguing. I did hope that the seated guests waiting for the show to start weren’t starving as much as I was at the time.

They did take the time to have us in the kitchen to eat a small plate of baked ziti that tastes so good with the ground turkey meat.

Overall Experience:

As a volunteer, the behind the scenes of creating this NYC SHDC event was amazing.  There were hiccups that occurred that didn’t stop the show and it was professional of the team to keep it moving even through the changes.  The vendors present, although related to hair and or body were not familiar names to me and therefore, I found an interest in learning a bit more about their business.  Since I was there to do a job, I didn’t take the time to communicate with each of the vendors as I saw a few others do.  There have been volunteer jobs where you were reprimanded for acting as a paying guest instead of a volunteer of the event, so I decided to keep that same energy and remain professional.  It would have been nice to have a “volunteer swag bag” that provided business cards, samples of the products the vendors provided. Instead, we received the swag bag the guests received that had products from businesses that were not advertised. I was appreciative because one of the leave-in products I was interested in trying, but confused because I didn’t see their name listed or mentioned anywhere.

Overall, my first experience working with the masterminds behind the event for Short Hair Don’t Care – SHDC, was a good one. I would work with them again or attend an event as a guest.

If you are not familiar with the “FAB EVENT PRODUCERS”, Enjoi Lux, follow them on their Instagram, Twitter, or website. Ari Event Group who actually coordinated the volunteers and event layout, is an event management company that plans, manages, and executes events in NYC. Follow them on Instagram.

SHDC event

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