Silver Strands of Glitter

On a past episode of the Today’s Show, a guest was brought on who discussed her platform called Silver Strands of Glitter. It was refreshing listening to her discuss the love she had for us women with hair strands that show our maturity.

As a maturing woman, I usually reference my strands of glitter as highlights, hence the reference in my bio as a “NYC woman experiencing natural highlights of life”. I recently colored my locs and funny thing, everywhere there was a grey strand, it became a highlight. Funny.

silver strands of silver

Returning back to Silver Strands, I was so excited about her social media platform showcasing women with silver strands, I went to go follow and browse. A common denominator was women with silver strands but not really women of color. And that’s ok. It is her platform, she can do what she wants. However, it made me wonder is there was a space that celebrates women of color with silver strands?

I did a quick search and found women of color who embraced their highlighted silver strands for the world.











Do you have silver strands of glitter?

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