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Small Business Saturday is an annual event that happens the Saturday after Black Friday. Walk around your neighborhood and support the small businesses in your community. There are so many great businesses that you frequently walk by that would appreciate you stopping in and seeing what they have to offer.  Recently, I attended an all women’s retreat wherein the room was many women entrepreneurs. Had I opened my mouth past saying hi, I would have known and possibly learned more about them?  Lessons I’m slowly learning for the next time.

When I returned home and reevaluated the days, I decided to use my platform to promote the ladies who I interacted with.  Small business Saturday, is a nationwide initiative to acknowledge business owners who locally provide a service to their communities.  The businesses that I highlight are all women who have a passion for their craft and hope you will connect with them to support them.

Support Small Business Saturday …

The founder, girlfriend, therapist, self-care guru, host, and a plethora of other titles to describe who Tara is and can be to you.  During the Here We Grow 2019 retreat, this woman planned and executed a successful 5-day event centered around 40 to 45 women-identifying and getting their shit together.  If you don’t see trips in your near future, at least join her Facebook group to see that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings that we as women may have in life.

This lady was my unofficial roommate for a couple of hours while I waited for my room to be ready.  She is more than a black woman CEO, she is a kind-hearted lady that didn’t leave me alone. And for that hugs…

Quanisha M. Green created a platform to provide “inspiration, business intensives and coaching for highly-educated and ambitious women who value self-investment and social impact.” If you have experience, credentials, and a business idea but don’t know how to get it in motion, reach out to Quanisha and let’s get your business highlighted in magazines too.

What do you know about bedroom Kandi?

Ms. Myia (something just made me not say her name without the Ms. – respecting my elders) has a story and it very much includes being comfortable with her sexuality.  Is she an older woman, yes. But she’s a woman and will let you know.  Self-care is more than just baths, facials, and trips with your girlfriends. Sex is also a part of self-care and should be talked about and explored a little more.

I didn’t spend much time conversing with this beautiful lady, but her site is awesome.  “[She’s] helped ambitious women of color push their comfort zone outdoors and remember that they  can do hard things like pivot or grow to the next level.” Nailah is an adventurous life coach, communications strategist, and community builder. Now, I wish I did speak to her more. I NEED THIS! And maybe you do too!

This lady is so awesome – she has two websites! Main site above and The Mom Store. Another personality that is so out there, you can’t help but to know more about her and what she offers to others around her. #Pettymom was the hashtag that was on her t-shirt during our six-hour sessions during the retreat. During a break, I not only got the courage to ask her what that was about and then visited the store to see the cost – because I know a few moms this would be perfect for.  If that hashtag doesn’t say it all for you, then visit her sites for more into who is Graeme.


Amber’s presence made it so comfortable for everyone to have open conversations with her but me, I was just lost. As a certified coach, she helps you to find the words you want to say, need to say, and figure out why you haven’t said them before.

Listen to her podcast episodes, read her book – Can We Talk?: 10 Life Lessons on Finding Your Voice and Finding Yourself, follow her on social media, you’ll thank me later.

small business amber

The best twerker I’ve ever met. You would have had to been there to see it.  With her paparazzi accessories on and the beat of a good song, Antoinette will drop it like it’s hot with no issues.  Forget having Meg the Stallion knees, I need to have Antoinette’s energy, knees, and back. lol More about the jewelry. If you are in need of jewelry to compliment your outfit and budget, visit her site and buy until you can’t no more.  Each piece is no more than $5 y’all!

  • La Shell Wooten – Healer/Helper/Human

Another strong personality that helps you to get through, “letting go of useless habits in order to help them repair their spirit, homes, emotions, and dysfunctional relationships.” La Shell is professionally trained in mental health counseling and naturally skilled at coaching individuals through personal roadblocks that keep them stuck in unhealthy situations and relationships.  She uses tools such as vision boards to allow you to focus on a goal you have in mind.

I’m sure if I expanded my research to the full group within the suite, I would find even more outstanding professionals and entrepreneurs who we all could support and receive something from.

Living in NYC, there is an endless number of businesses to support.  If you have a business in your community that should be included within a small business Saturday holiday guide, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! never heard of that before – what a beautiful concept. I love shopping localy so this is a wonderful idea. thank you for sharing.

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