read some of a book

Self-Care Challenge – Read Some of a Book

The idea of this post, is to commit to some self-care every day for the entire month of January. Already, I’m starting the new year committing to self-care challenges and haven’t successfully completed day one. At this time as I type this post - there’s four minutes left till the day - then we’ll be off to a new challenge.

5 Annoying Things I Ain't Doing in 2019

5 Annoying Things I Ain’t Doing in 2019

Promises out of my control, can create a difficult situation if I’m not able to hold up your agreement for x, y and z. With that being said, there are some things that I experiences this year that I ain’t doing in 2019.  Not making any promises, but I just ain’t doing them because they are either annoying or cause more anxiety in my semi-in need of therapy of a life.