Staten Island: Are You Hungry for Soul Food?

Staten Island, New York is so much more than being known as the forgotten borough, WuTang Clan, or where SNL comedian Pete Davidson lives. Staten Island, has a few highlighted cultures that may not be seen beyond what the news portrays during elections. There is a black history dated back to the early 1800s which


5 Quick Tips to Creating an Instagram Business Page

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for advertising who you are and if you have a business, a necessity to getting clientele.  Should the two mix?  It depends on what your service is and the relevance of your images and your branding purpose.  Instagram has never been my strongest form of communication since the

Doux Hair Products

Flashing Back to the 90’s with The Doux

The Doux reminds me of the ice cream truck and the lady in the park with the flavored syrup to pour over scraped ice in a cup. Ladies and gents, The Doux was and is a reminder of a time when nothing matter but which park you'd meet your friends to play double dutch, cop and permit free bbq's in the local park. Freeze tag and hopscotch.  Swings that now make me dizzy and climbing and jumping over fences to play in the pool after dark.  The Doux reminds me of fun, of good times.

Detox with Saige and Ivy

How to Detox using Saige and Ivy

The beauty in applying natural ingredients to your skin or ingesting into your body is when you are able to easily note what each of the ingredients are without the assistance of a Google lookup. There are products on the shelves that have scientific names for the ingredients used, but be careful because they may not all technically natural. Saige and Ivy products each have a short list of ingredients that you will know of because you may have used it before.