The Badass Blogger Award

And the Badass Blogger Award goes to ... Simply Katricia! I celebrate the nomination and acceptance of such a fierce award. Being nominated amongst other bloggers, only means that someone in this community values and notices when I disappear and reappear back into this world of expressing my inner thoughts with you all for business,

Website Transition from Squarespace to WordPress

The creation of this website was a transition from another blog.  I was familiar with the front page of creating a page, post, and uploading media on However, the backend of selecting the right plugin to make the site unique, was foreign, and I needed a lot of research into what to do and

I've been nominated again

I’ve Been Nominated, AGAIN!

I've been nominated, again! If you're reading this title and saying, this sounds ungrateful.  I apologize.  I'm extremely grateful for the views I receive and for my blogging peers to recognize me in this community.  However, I don't think of these awards as recognizing my expertise in a certain area or that I encouraged someone