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My Daughter Is Not on Social Media And Here’s Why

My Autumn daughter is not on social media because she's not ready, or is it that we are not ready? No. It's definitely her. She is more concerned about her friends and what they say, do, and how they will respond to what she will say and do. I understand that adults have this same

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4 Nintendo Switch Games to Play with Your Family

While cooped up in an NYC apartment, avoiding COVID, there's not much for a child to do during the summer past their required chores, reading, and a little social networking with their friends on their devices. This past holiday season, we decided to purchase the Nintendo Switch console for our daughter.  Of course, we would

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Back to School: Anxiety for Returning during COVID

It's July, and we haven't purchased not one uniform shirt or sock for the new school year yet.  The back to school preparation is on hold with the going in circles decision making that the politicians are doing.  It's beyond aggravating, and I feel that they are not discussing this matter with the most important

5 Book Subscriptions for Tweens

5 Book Subscriptions for Tweens

We are a reading family. With the upgrade of apps on phones and tablets, the comfort of always having reading material with you is there. However, there’s something satisfying with turning the pages of books or not marking the pages down, but using a pretty bookmark to save your place.