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4 Nintendo Switch Games to Play with Your Family

While cooped up in an NYC apartment, avoiding COVID, there's not much for a child to do during the summer past their required chores, reading, and a little social networking with their friends on their devices. This past holiday season, we decided to purchase the Nintendo Switch console for our daughter.  Of course, we would


25 Halloween Movies to Watch with your Family

Did you know that it’s the 25th Anniversary for the movie, Hocus Pocus? Me either, until this time of the year when Freeform replays it a few times in the week. Gather your little ones, pop some popcorn and watch this classic as one of the 25 Halloween movies to watch with your family.

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Things to do in NYC this Fall Season

As the month of October winds down, visit one of the biggest Halloween Parades in a very eclectic side of Manhattan - The Village Halloween Parade. You do not have to participate in the parade, just stand on the side and watch the long line of creativity pass by. 

Keep reading for a few other ideas for fall activities in NYC.

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A Few Reasons why Traveling with Children is Important

Traveling with children can be a headache when there is just one and she wants you to play and play and play and all you want to do is relax and lay in the shade and enjoy the scenery.  Children force you to do things you don’t want to do at all.  With her, I had to step further into the Atlantic, more than I would normally do because, you guessed it - I don’t swim.  I couldn’t allow my fear of the ocean water to project onto her growing mind.  So with that said, I ditched my phone deep into my bag and headed into the water with her and her father.  She appreciated seeing that with me only being a foot and some inches taller than her, she’d be okay in the water and even encourage me to go in deeper.  Once we managed the waves, we were in for a great time to the start of our vacation.