5 of My Favorite Black TV Moms to Always Love

It's no secret that I enjoy watching a good television show.  As black history month slowly comes to an end, I wanted to take a look back into history with celebrating my favorite black tv moms of shows that I've grown up with and currently watch.  Susan Kelechi Watson is one of my favorite tv

is love blind

Netflix Reality Show Review: Is Love Blind?

Love is blind, and it will take over your mind What you think is love, is truly not You need to elevate and find ~ Lyrics by Eve This new reality show on Netflix is called Is Love Blind?  Well is it? I'm already invested in seeing who matches well based on personalities and nothing

netflix and eggnog

Netflix and Eggnog for the Holiday Season

Netflix and eggnog with an extra dash of nutmeg while sitting on the couch with your loved ones or by yourself, sounds like a great recipe for self-care during the holiday season.  There are many holiday season classics that repeat on cable networks but how about on the streaming channels such as Netflix?  Although Disney+

handmaids tale

Handmaid’s Tale: Women’s Role in a Totalitarian Society

The main character in the HULU series Handmaid's Tale played by Elizabeth Moss, can be you, could be me in this totalitarian society. When I watched the first episode of the Handmaid's Tale, I nearly died.  How could the world create such an existence when men removed the woman's role in this alternate universe known