The Badass Blogger Award

And the Badass Blogger Award goes to … Simply Katricia! I celebrate the nomination and acceptance of such a fierce award. Being nominated amongst other bloggers, only means that someone in this community values and notices when I disappear and reappear back into this world of expressing my inner thoughts with you all for business, parenting, natural hair, health and wellness, or just lifestyle experiences.

Special thank you to Latisha Porter, owner and content creator for Renew Inspiration for this nomination. Her positive posts in the morning allow the viewer to think, reflect, and as the title of her blog suggests, renew inspiration for what your day should be, at least that the take away for me.

What is The Badass Blogger Award

The goal of the Badass Blogging Award is to show appreciation for other bloggers and to inspire confidence within the writing process.  Blogger Katie publisher of Dating Bitch, created the Badass Blogging Award as a morale booster for peer-recognition in this content creating community.

While reviewing the originator’s post about this award, I noticed that there were some thoughts and comparisons of these blogging awards to pyramid schemes. And this can be very true. Like with my health and wellness business, I am able to help many men and women with their journey with health and if they feel they want to do the same, they join my team. At no point in time will there be an expectation for them to work as hard as I do or to make what I make. Everyone’s hustle is different and everyone’s blog is different. I will later nominate a few bloggers but that doesn’t mean they will continue this trend and nominate others – if it’s not what they want to do. They take the thank you and will keep it moving. It happens.


  1. List the rules and display the award logo in your post.
  2. Mention the creator and link back to the original blog post.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you (and link back to their post).
  4. List 3 things about you that make you a badass.
  5. Answer your nominator’s 6 questions (so, there will be a total of 7 questions).
  6. Create 6 new questions of your own.
  7. Nominate 7 more badass bloggers and notify them of their win.


  • List 3 things that make you a badass.
    1. If I don’t have to explain, I’m a natural black woman living and surviving in New York City! If I do have to explain, overcoming the stigma of being a natural black woman in New York City was an overwhelming experience in which I got through with my head held high.
    2. In addition to the #1, my profession is Deputy Director, Human Resources. As the only black woman in the department of 30, mostly men, the challenges that I face daily is enough to write a book about. When men constantly want you to validate every sentence, policy and structure you are responsible for, it makes you want to stand on a desk and yell, however, I contain my professionalism and continue with this demeanor until their ignorance is so loud it is deafening to all and who comes to the rescue?
    3. Parenting was never in my thought but I must admit that it’s not bad. My not so much mini person, gives us much to think about when she takes what she has learned in the school and her travels and articulates her opinions to us, is amazing. Like, I created this awesome person. Parenting your disabled parent is for another blog post.
  • What is it that makes you who you are?

I’ve always had a quirky personality. Growing up as a middle child, I taught myself how to braid hair with my yarn haired cabbage patch doll and didn’t mind spending quiet time alone. I started with rough circumstances and learned from them. Focusing on the positive in any situation took a long time to practice, however, I think I finally got it!

  • Why do you enjoy writing blogs?

After graduating from college with my Masters’ degree, I had all these ideas in my head. On social media, I’d see more of what we now call content creators. I didn’t want to be a household name, I just wanted to get the thoughts out of my head and share with others who may have similar thoughts. I started my blogging content with two other naturals and eventually ventured off to having my own.

  • Do you consider yourself a unique blogger? Why or why not?

Recently, I wrote a blog post about a restaurant experience. I later saw a write up on Facebook about the same restaurant. I automatically compared the write up to my blog post and didn’t think it was unique. I constantly compare my content with others, and I’ll say I’m my worst critic. I don’t think I have a unique voice when it comes to common ideas, natural hair, parenting, health and wellness, we all have our thoughts about situations and most times my thoughts are the same as yours – I just write about it.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

Again, I am a natural black woman working and living within New York City. I’m inspired to write when I get my daughter’s report card, I’m inspired to write when a coworker wants to flex in the workplace, I’m inspired to write when naturals decide to add fruit and vegetable smoothies to their hair and claim it’s their magic to hair growth. Inspiration to write is all around me.

  • What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

Like most adults over forty years of age, working and receiving a stable income keeps me from the beach and clear waters of the Caribbean. 

  • What’s something you think every person should experience in their lifetime?

I tell my growing preteen this all the time, experience life. Don’t worry about me and your father – go away to college. Graduate, travel, have a good time and then build from those experiences. Don’t fall under the pressures of having to be married and have children by a certain age. Don’t fall under the pressure of not being or doing what your peers are doing. Your journey is yours.



Let’s use this opportunity to improve our blogging community by:

    • Continuing to support and uplift one another.
    • Finding new bloggers in your niche to support.
    • Reading blogs often and writing a helpful comment.
    • Encouraging other bloggers to keep blogging.
    • Asking for help or support when you need it.

As you can see blogging can be a rewarding opportunity for most people who choose to do it but launching a new blog can still be a scary experience for many. It’s important for new bloggers to keep learning, be flexible, ask for help, and be willing to adjust with the blogging industry standards. Latisha, thanks again for nominating me for this amazing award! Happy Blogging!

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