The Best 12 Podcasts for Women Hosted by Women

During the pandemic and working from home, I slacked on my daily self-care routine of listening to podcasts. Catching up with listening to women and a few men in my ear as I move about New York City during my return to work and travels allows my mind to think and laugh about something other than the norm. I feel like I missed an entire season of content and have to either catch up or just tune in with the latest episode and keep it moving.

While celebrating Women’s HERstory Month, here is a list of podcasts and their latest episode (as of the date of this post) that either features or solely has women as the main voice in my ear providing guidance, self-care advise, business highlight and sometimes plain foolery.

The Friend Zone

Co-Hosts Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore where pop culture and Zen living meet. To summarize Fran I’d say, to hear her voice is like listening to the waves of the ocean with loud noises in the far distance. She’s calming. Her wellness segment of the show if a highlight of mine. I enjoy hearing about the business of the week especially if it falls under a health and wellness category.

Latest episode

The Read

Co-Hosts Kid Fury and Crissle throw shade and spill tea with a flippant and humorous attitude,  covering hip-hop and pop culture’s most trying stars.

Latest episode

WHOREible Decisions

Co-Hosts Mandii B & WeezyWTF discuss with an array of guests about their sex lives and craziest kinks.

Latest episode

Good Moms Bad Choices

“If Oprah and Howard Stern has a baby it would be Good Moms Bad Choices.” lol Co-Hosts Erica and Milah are not ordinary moms but they are good moms who voice our inner thoughts about our good and bad choices as women.

Latest episode

Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim – 

“Writer and founder of the Well-Read Black Girl book club. Glory Edim is a book lover who brings readers and writers together to celebrate the written word.”

Latest episode

For Colored Nerds – 

Co-Hosts Brittany and Eric show us the “nerdier” side of pop culture. While engaged in dialogue about daily topics, with guests and amongst themselves, Brittany and Eric peel away the layers of Black culture that we often don’t discuss with others.

Latest episode

We Talk Back

I just stumbled upon this podcast and now I must binge through these two black women who have an opinion about whatever is the hot topic.  TamBam and AJ co-host a podcast that gives their listeners the raw and unfiltered comedic gift while having thought provoking conversations about sex, relationships, and money.

Latest episode

Therapy for Black Girls – 

Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist discusses all things mental health, personal development, and “the small decisions we can make to become the best possible version of ourselves.”

Latest episode

Hello Somebody – 

Senator Nina Turner, the oldest of seven children, grew up in a working-class family in Cleveland’s Lee-Harvard community. She is a huge advocate for “doing good work on behalf of social justice and human rights.”

Latest episode

Spiritual Shit – 

Alea Lovely is an Energy reader, Spiritual teacher, and the creator and host of the “Spiritual Shit podcast. “I help people find the answers energetically they are looking for within themselves and through spirit while making spirituality more accessible for everyone.”

Latest episode

Mimosa Sisterhood – 

Podcast host Melissa, “pops bottles and shares stories of the diverse female experience including topics related to world history, feminism, mental health, society and culture, spirituality, entrepreneurship, creativity, personal development, and the power of Sisterhood.

Latest episode

Truth be Told – 

Host Tonya Mosley “explores what it means to grow and thrive as a Black person in America, while discovering new ways of being that serve as a portal to more love, more healing, and more joy.”

Latest episode

Do you have a favorite or new woman led podcast to tell us about?

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