5 of the Worst Coworker Behaviors

I’ve encountered coworkers who, leave mess in the common areas, refuse to clean refrigerators of their spoiled food, clip finger nails, speak the first thing on their mind and do not take responsibility for their poor coworker behavior. Great at their profession and horrible as a coworker because of their bad human behavior.  I can only imagine how these people are with their family and friends.

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Natural Deodorants

Natural Deodorants are Made for Men and Women

Natural deodorants eventually evolved to being separated by scent, some made for women, others made for men.  Strong enough for men but made for women.  The antiperspirants, which contain aluminum, controls the underarm sweat, whereas, the ingredients that make up the deodorant, controls body odor. In this post, I will provide you with some brands of deodorant that are not only natural, but made for men and women.

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Traveling with Children

A Few Reasons why Traveling with Children is Important

Traveling with children can be a headache when there is just one and she wants you to play and play and play and all you want to do is relax and lay in the shade and enjoy the scenery.  Children force you to do things you don’t want to do at all.  With her, I had to step further into the Atlantic, more than I would normally do because, you guessed it – I don’t swim.  I couldn’t allow my fear of the ocean water to project onto her growing mind.  So with that said, I ditched my phone deep into my bag and headed into the water with her and her father.  She appreciated seeing that with me only being a foot and some inches taller than her, she’d be okay in the water and even encourage me to go in deeper.  Once we managed the waves, we were in for a great time to the start of our vacation.

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Raw Chicken

Reasons Why You Should Wash Raw Chicken

The common misconception to why we should wash raw chicken is that we don’t clean our surface after we have used the same sink we wash dishes.  That is unheard of.  In my kitchen, kitchenette – because I live in a highly-priced New York apartment, I keep bleach available.  Once my meat, whether it’s chicken, beef, fish or any other type of poultry, is cleaned, seasoned and placed in the oven or ready for the stove top cooking, I thoroughly clean the surface including the faucet area where we touch to turn on and off water.  The handle of raw meat is very important because as studies show, you can risk the spread of bacteria in a common area.  If you don’t cleanse properly, the bacteria can spread to other areas of your living space. So is the issue with raw meat or your capability to cleanse your kitchen properly?

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Types of Kombucha that are Good for You

Kombucha is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly intended as a functional beverage for its supposed health benefits.  Basically, you are drinking bacteria and yeast also known as scoby, tea fungus.  The most common health benefit of kombucha would be probiotics.  Probiotics in kombucha are live microorganisms that are supposed to improve gastrointestinal issues such as relieving constipation by introducing healthy bacteria to your gut.

My fiancé has acquired acid reflux where he cannot consume many acidic foods or alcohol.  So when I mentioned to him to try some kombucha, he mentioned that the caffeine in the probiotic tea is not advised.  However, there are other types of fermented drinks that he could try that can also provide the same soothing benefits of adding a capful of vinegar to water.

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What is Denim Day?

** Please know that content in this post maybe sensitive to those who may have experienced sexual misconduct or abuse. 

Denim Day calls for the attention towards sexual violence and not about blaming the victim. If you wish to participate in your community’s Denim Day events, Peace Over Violence has resources, including buttons and information, on organizing a day of solidarity.

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