Betta Have My Money

When Mo’Nique, Queen of Comedy in 2001, Oscar winner in 2010, asked that we support the boycott of Netflix because of low pay, I sat back and listened to her reasons. I read comments, tweets, blog posts and conversed with others about it all. And then Tracee Ellis Ross claimed that she too, Golden Globe winner, Emmy award nominated actress, is not being paid what she feels she is worth in comparison to a male counterpart who happens to also be an Executive Producer, on award winning comedy show, Black-ish. I again, listened, read and formed an opinion about what was going on. 

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Moisturizing Shampoos for Natural Hair

So in my time since returning natural, it’s been seven years in June, I’ve used different types of moisturizing shampoos for my natural hair. Most products I’ve either received in a monthly subscription box or in a swag bag from one of the many events I would attend in New York. For those of you not familiar with knowing which shampoo to purchase for your hair, you must first define what you want the shampoo to do.

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