Why do you need a Self-Care Daily Challenge?

Self-care is not new to us or to this blog of thoughts. We’ve discussed how to use our everyday likes and hobbies as a means to separate our mind from the everyday craziness around us. Performing our favorite tasks or creating content creating content is a form of mental self-care.

However, most times life gets in our way and we forget to even do the things we actually do enjoy doing like, reading a few chapters of your book you’ve had for over a month, exercising your body for at least thirty minutes, or allowing yourself to fall asleep at a specific hour to give your body rest.

Holding yourself accountable for doing those things you put off, is where my daily checklist challenge comes in.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been holding myself accountable for doing tasks that assist in my self-care, self development, health, and wellness. Creating a routine of making sure I take the ten or fifteen minutes of time to dedicate myself towards something beneficial for myself.

My daughter has a daily checklist too. Although, I didn’t even realize until I was telling her about mine and she wanted me to join hers. Lol She opted to download an app called Finch: Self Care Widget Pet. It’s kind of cute and reminds me of the Tamagotchi pet that we all loved back in the day. If you have children and want to have them monitor their daily chores, activities, and necessary things and it’s to do to keep their pets alive, this maybe a good app to download. It’s actually suitable for parents too. With a switch in the settings, the content is a bit more mature.

Here’s a copy of my daughter’s. I side eyed her on a few of these tasks. I’m like really, I’d hope washing your face is an automatic thing but she’s a growing teen, I’m glad she has it in her mind, app, somewhere!

Finch App

Are you interested in doing a daily self care checklist with us? What would be your top four tasks?

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1 thought on “Why do you need a Self-Care Daily Challenge?

  1. I agree self care is important. I love both yours and your daughter check list. I know face washing should be automatic but most people just splash and go not really taking the time to wash and moisturize. Great blog I really enjoy reading it.

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